Like Mother, Like Daughter.

From everything that I’ve seen in the movies it seems as if its a rite of passage in youth that, when you grow up distance grows between you and your mother, right up until you are both officially adults and share similar current life experiences.

However, for me life was not at all like the movies.

DSC00347My mother and I always had a close bond when I was younger, but back then it was as stereotypical as a mother daughter relationship can be, but once I got into secondary school and I had a maturer understanding and eye for how the world works this is when I saw a shift in our relationship. Unlike the movie pairings of mother and daughters, me and my mum got on really well (still do). Our interests were aligned, our sense of humour was the same and we shared very similar views about the way we saw the world. Now this may just be environmental influence of having lived with her all my life or perhaps not, we will never know.

But what I do know is that after starting secondary school my mum became my best friend. She was up to date on all the school gossip, was very aware of what was ongoing in all my friends lives and their love lives. Upon reflection this probably just comes across as oversharing but I’ve learnt that my friendship with my mother is 100% built on that and we found a lot of similarities between our youths through that.

When I first started drinking and partying I used to drink K Cider claiming that it was my ‘favourite’ (when in reality it was just the drink that got me drunk quickest), but my mum like me too used to drink K Cider in her youth however, unlike me it really is her favourite, yucky.

dsc00361.jpgAnother coincidental similarity between myself and my mother is that around the ages of 18-21 my mother went on a girls holiday to Greece, and I to went to Greece on a girls holiday and ironically enough our travelling parties shared physical and personality similarities also. A further suggestion that we are just one another reincarnated in the other.

In the more recent it years it seems as if our bond has strengthened as we have become each other confidantes on bigger more pressing issues rather than who’s going out with who and I see this as another major milestone in our friendship, as before I used to see her as my friend but now she too sees me as her friend and her equal.

For me my mother is exactly what I think a mother should be, she’s a friend and mother not to just me but to everyone thats introduced into her life. She has a heart bigger than many and love to give unlike no other, I think that this is definitely a trait I have inherited from her and a trait I intend to pass down through the many generations to come. I have a great amount of admiration and respect for my mother and I have no shame in expressing it. The way in which she has lived her life and how she is living it right now act as a guide book for me and the way I wish to live my life and how I want my life to turn out.

This blogpost was written in collaboration with my mum and as a part of the Fierce 50 CaDSC00363mpaign, “Bridging The Gap”, a project thats bringing 100 Millennial and 100 Midlife female influencers together, to share their content, to collaborate with one another and to celebrate feminine power. You can read the other Fierce 50 Bloggers content here and my mother’s post for this campaign can be found on her blog The Feminine Code.

Thank you all for reading this post, it was an absolute pleasure to gush about my amazing mother for the entirety of it and I hope you will all check out the other amazing writers inthis amazing campaign.

Till next time…

Cree x


2 thoughts on “Like Mother, Like Daughter.

  1. Hey Darling Cree
    Thank you so much for the kindest words ever. Yes, I agree we definitely fit into the “like-mother, like-daughter” category.
    Much love. Mwah! ❤️

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